Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Membership Retention

The Overlooked Key To Membership Retention:
Delivering What You Promise
I want to challenge you to take a look at your organization’s recruiting material this month. Read it thoroughly.

Many large, national organizations have recruiting brochures and literature that is professionally generated. Smaller organizations utilize less fancy materials but usually these recruiting tools make big promises. After all the purpose of this material is to sell a prospect on the benefits of joining your organization. What promises does your organization make to prospective members?

A lot of recruiting brochures promise opportunities for advancement in knowledge, personal growth, fellowship, social activities, family outings, helping charitable causes, etc. In short, most of them outline at least one membership “benefit” that should be appealing to a prospective member. Keep in mind that when a prospective member submits his (or her) application or petition, he has a reason or motive for doing so. Something that he read or heard, either directly or indirectly, about your organization has attracted him to seek membership.

Based on that fact, is your organization delivering on it’s promises? Are you meeting the expectations of the new member or are you letting them down? Is your organization committed to fulfilling it’s mission? Read your recruiting material. Do you make all of those opportunities available to the members or is it just “lip service?” Is your organization living up to the claims outlined in it’s promotional material or are you advertising falsely?