Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How To Get Publicity for Your Organization

Getting Publicity:
What’s Newsworthy About Your Organization?

How many times have you seen a segment on your local news, or read an article in the paper and wondered, “How on earth did this make the news?” I live in Louisville, Kentucky, a medium sized city (market) and I find myself asking that question frequently. Too often, as organizations, we assume that we aren’t doing anything that is “newsworthy”, when in fact, most of what we do is. Many fraternal organizations, clubs and associations work diligently on behalf of charitable events all year round. Most of it goes unnoticed because of a lack of public relations efforts.

Don’t confuse getting publicity with “tooting your own horn.” Publicity should be designed to be favorable in nature and to serve as a vehicle to create awareness.

There are a lot of folks out there who are good candidates for membership in your organization. Many would ask to join if they only knew a little more about what you do and what you stand for.

Getting publicity is often as easy as just asking for it. Local TV news and newspapers are always on the lookout for subject matter. Here are some ideas on what may be considered “newsworthy” about your organization:

- A recognized person in your community (ie: business leader or politician) will be a guest speaker at your event.

- You’re hosting a civil service recognition event to honor police officers, firefighters and EMT’s.
- You're hosting an event for military personnel or veterans.
- A prominent community figure is elected to your board of directors or to lead your organization.
- You’re having a special fundraiser for a local charity.

Make contact with the media. Write letters, send a fax or email and follow-up with a phone call. Remember to be persistent and these tips will payoff.