Thursday, August 25, 2011

Being Productive

Productivity Tips:  Guerrilla Communication

You can save time and improve relationships with your subordinates and colleagues by using these communication strategies:
*  Use voice mail during the daytime hours to say “thanks.”  Call when you believe the person may be at work and say “thank you” for a job well done.  When the person arrives home and checks their phone messages, it will be a pleasant surprise.
*  Use voice mail or email to send a birthday wish or message of congratulations the same way.  Send the greeting the evening before and it’s likely you‘ll be the first person they hear from the next day.
*  Pre-print “occasion” postcards on your home computer, complete with your return address.  Have a bunch of them pre-stamped and ready to mail.  As situations and occasions arise, jot a nice note and drop it in the mail the next day.  Larger office supply stores have perforated postcard stock for ink jet printers in a wide variety of stock designs.

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