Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A Webster’s definition:  “not requiring or relying on something else or somebody else.”  A synonym to the word “independent” is “self-reliant.”
Self-reliant.  Is this term included in the definition of “you”?  Successful people in all walks of life are independent or self-reliant.  They are decisive… on their own.
There’s nothing wrong with getting another person’s opinion.  In many cases, when making a decision, you need another point of view in order to cover all the bases.  However, ultimately you must learn to figure things out for yourself.  Trust your own judgment.
Leaders often find themselves making split-second decisions.  These are the times when you’re on your own, solely responsible for the outcome.  You won’t be right 100% of the time; nobody can be.
Leadership expert, John C. Maxwell says, “Successful leaders have the courage to take action while others hesitate.“  Be decisive and be INDEPENDENT.

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