Monday, July 18, 2011

Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking
Improve Your Skills by Observing the Pros

You can visit a bookstore and find any number of books written on the subject of public speaking.  You can take a college course on the subject and you can join clubs that exist to develop speaking skills.

This “formal” education in speaking is important in that it will teach you preparation, structure, technique, delivery styles, etc.  In the case of a classroom or club environment, it will provide experience.

Assuming you have gained some formal or even “trial by fire” speaking experience, here is a big secret to improving your skills:

Observe The Pros In Action

I have had the good fortune of being in the audience of several great speakers.  I not only listen to what they say, but I observe how they say it.

If you have ever heard the great sales trainer, Zig Ziglar speak, I’m sure that you were in awe with his enthusiasm.  He delivers every speech with incredible passion.  Whether this passion is manufactured I’m not sure, but the important thing is that it seems to be sincere.

If you’ve ever heard Dr. Billy Graham preach, you have witnessed the same phenomena.  His passion for his message is undeniable.

Avail yourself of every opportunity to hear great speakers.  Take a pad and pen and make notes on things that impress you.  How were they introduced to the audience?  How did they “lead off” their presentation?  How did they build up?  How did they summarize key points?  How did they bring it to a close?  What was their “call to action?”

Many self-improvement gurus advise that you should emulate people that you consider successful.  This is true for any area of your life that you seek to improve.  You can learn a great deal from professional speakers, motivators and clergy.  Take what you like, incorporate it when you can and notice if there is any improvement.

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